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On-roof, In-roof or No roof

On-roof, In-roof or No roof , we've got the perfect system for you! Every system we design is with your end goal in mind, wether that be that architectural brilliance of an in-roof system for your new build or reroofing project, traditional budget friendly on-roof systems, console mounting for those flat roofs, or small scale ground mounted arrays where roof space is limited. 

Our Design team love nothing more then working with our customers, to achieve a solution that not only satisfies your carbon reduction and money saving goals but ultimately leaves you with an asset you can't wait to show off. 

Battery storage systems (BSS) or Energy storage systems (ESS) as they can be known are in our opinion essential additions to any PV system since the replacement

of the feed in tariff (F.I.T) with smart export guarantee (S.E.G) rates as low as 1.5p per kW exported are commonly expected, utilising a BSS with ensure you keep hold as much surplus generation as possible, helping to ensure you use all that free energy you create, increasing your savings further.


Additionally BSS can be configured to operate during grid outages, meaning lights will stay on and the kettle warm! 

Maxiom Intelligent Construction 

A collection of In-roof systems each on bespoke homes as built by MAXIOM. This system will not only be a perfect asset for the happy new owners, but also reduced the traditional roofing costs enabling to the builders to direct budget to other parts of the project. 


Private Customer - Cardiff

A perfect system to suit the energy needs of this large property in Cardiff, we worked with the owner to identify exactly when his peak demands are enabling us to ensure they had a ample battery storage system to compliment his PV array maximising their grid independence.


Residential Ground Mounted

Some properties just don't have the right roof space to install solar, it's also a particularly challenging prospect for listed buildings, fortunately ground mounted still allow you all the benefits of solar PV without the hassle and better still our team take care of the entire install from notification through to completion! 

Residental ground mount.jpg

Battery Storage

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