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It Is Time To Go Solar

By going solar, you'll be saving time, saving money, and most importantly - saving OUR planet.

How Solar Benefits UK SME's

Better for the Environment

Reducing Carbon footprint is no longer the focus solely of the ECO super aware, it has become a must of business and consumers alike.


Solar Photovoltaics offer the most cost efficient solution to carbon reduction.  

Cost Cutting

As wholesale gas and electricity prices continue their upward trajectory, many profitable businesses are at risk of losing their future operational success. 

With a well-designed PV system, you can be in control of your current and upcoming energy costs, restoring control over overheads and maximizing profits. 

Increased Property Value

As part of their efforts to prepare for a low-carbon future and divert investments from carbon-intensive activities, many organizations are beginning to incorporate carbon prices into their investments and business operations.

As a result, there is growing recognition that creating work environments that are carbon positive plays an increasingly prominent role in the purchase price of commercial buildings. 

Brand Image

Aside from the obvious environmental and economical benefits investing in Solar PV provides, the hidden benifits to your brand image are not to be



A study by Deloitte has shown 55% of consumer have taken to closing brand that have committed to reducing the carbon output. 

How We Work.

Site Eligibility

You've got the space but does it work? 


We'll carry out a free in person technical survey, which will cover things such as roof condition, localised shading, condition of existing electrical switchgear and other site specifics. 

Technical design & Proposal

Post our free in person technical survey, your project will be appointed to an experienced in-house designer, they'll work dilengitly to produce you a full fixed cost proposal, detailing all you need to know and more.

Installation & Permissions

You love the work our designers have done, we've sorted the contracts and now ready to proceed with the project. We'll run everything through your local DNO, contact planning if required and roll out the site prelims. 

H&S - Site Set Up

We'll arrange for RAMS and CDM documents to be presented to your site representative prior to any works commencing, once happy will arrange for the project area to be set up in accordance with those documents. 

Solar On!

Installations undertaken, the roofers and laying panels, the electrical engineers are doing their clever bit, we'll need to power down for about an hour, to get our final connections in, then you're running on green energy. 

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